The Africa Goal 2014 Project

Every 90 minutes - the length of a football game - an additional 250 people in Africa are infected with HIV, while another 200 die of AIDS related illnesses. Access to HIV information, testing, prevention and treatment is not only a basic human right but is also key to saving lives and addressing the HIV epidemic.

A new platform for effective engagement and empowerment
Africa Goal harnesses the popularity and unifying power of football by screening live World Cup matches and using this as a platform to provide access to life saving HIV information and services.

No other sport is followed with as much enthusiasm and passion as football in Africa and the FIFA World Cup - the largest global football spectacle – is followed with the greatest enthusiasm of all! During the one month long 2014 FIFA World Cup, the Africa Goal team will build on the successes of their 2006 and 2010 projects by driving 8,000km through eight countries in East and Southern Africa to reach over 20,000 people with HIV information and services.

With only 5% of the world’s population, East and Southern Africa is home to half the world’s population living with HIV and accounts for 48% of all new HIV infections and AIDS related deaths (UNAIDS 2012).

Most at risk groups

Focusing on locations with the highest HIV rates - including border towns, truck stops, fishing villages, rural outposts and shanty towns - live world cup screenings naturally draw huge crowds of most at risk groups which have proven the most challenging to reach through conventional health promotion strategies - young people, men and marginalised groups.

Partnerships for Change
Throughout the campaign, Africa Goal partners with local HIV organisations who lead the HIV activities, information sharing sessions and discussions. This helps to build the impact, recognition and reach of our partner organisations and ensures that activities and information are in line with priority community needs and strategies. By harnessing the popularity of the football World Cup, Africa Goal has found a new and effective way to bring together health service providers with the people most in need of HIV services in a non-confrontational, accessible and inclusive environment.

HIV activities at the Africa Goal events include onsite HIV counselling and testing; distribution of Africa Goal HIV information materials as well as HIV presentations, discussions, question and answer sessions, videos, drama skits and quizzes (with football related prizes provided by Africa Goal).

How you can help

The Africa Goal team is made up of a diverse team of professionals who have taken time off work to implement the project on a completely voluntary basis. We rely on the generous support of people like you to help us make Africa Goal a reality!

This opportunity to use the World Cup to make a real difference to the HIV epidemic arrives only once every four years. With your generous support we will make a HUGE impact.

Please donate to the project now, share with your friends and become part of this exciting project.
All funds raised go towards the purchase of mobile cinema equipment, HIV information materials and travel costs.

For more information, please visit the 2014 Africa Goal website. Please also feel free to contact us – we would love to hear from you!

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